I had wasted 4 hours on this yesterday and did not want to repeat it. Click here to login. I have a simple Karaoeke system my wife loves called Karafun which uses windows midi. Change your windows power options to high performance. However, I just bought a new Hosa one which says “no drivers required, just plug in” on the package. By sliding the following button, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You would think all programs release the interface at closing, but nope

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Dunno if this is helpful, but for me in Windows7, if ANY program is set to use my maudio midi in, NO other program can have it.

And how is it set up in your DAW? Click here to login.

Whats UP with that? You need an account to post a reply. I am guessing most of is here have tried that basic Midiman device with a standard USB plug at one end connected yno a plastic egg-shaped blue bubble and two cables connected to 2 midi 5-pin connectors coming out the other end Midi IN, Midi Out.

But I do have some midiman driver installed on my system right now that I put on yesterday and I will see if I can delete that, reinsert the Hosa and start from scratch. But no midimxn there, either, so I tried going to various places and finding drivers, but none of them work.

Today’s Posts support us FAQ advertise our advertisers. Like I say, this isn’t supposed to be the way things happen, but nonetheless, I have indeed encountered the situation with midi on my win7 systems from time to time. I have freaking tried everything for the last five hours; drivers, different brands, system restore Your laptop may not be supplying enough power to the device.


They do not use the built in windows MIDI support. But now I just cannot seem to get windows to see the midiman.

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Hey noodle, I suspect you are probably right. However, I also noticed that my program will now activate the midi lights on the Hosa – but for some reason the midi sound also still comes out of the computer.

If it is not being seen at all then either there is modiman wrong with both the Hosa and M-Audio or there is something wrong with your computer hardware un software configuration that is prevent in the MIDI devices form being detected. New Reply Thread Tools.

Which basically means, you’re not looking for a solution in device manager. Already have an account? However, I just bought a new Hosa one which says “no drivers required, just plug in” on the package. I also routinely have to midimab my loopbe1 virtual midi router as that sometimes goes into mute, blocking routing. How is everything hooked up exactly? Somewhere in that process, the interface finally does get released and is then available to route to the programs you’re trying to use now.

I now have gone through 4 of these things and NONE of them work anymore.


MidiMan Uno USBs – what happened? – Gearslutz

If it still does not work then I would try it on another system to see if it works. I used to use these to all the time to play my midi files on my computer through a sound module, or to get midi into mt DAW. Funny, I have tried everything, including power options, but of course, you have to make sure everything is right at the time you are trying to make it uon.

I happen to know which programs of mine cause the situation, so I pretty much know where to go to disable the interface there when the gremlin comes up. You would think all programs release the interface at closing, but nope I can’t get the Hosa or the MidiMan to work. Miriman to our Newsletter.

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I also have an older MidiMan, which is not MidiUno as the original one of these was called. If the device is being detected at all it will show up in device manager under “Sound and Midimann Game controllers ” or it will show up under “Other devices” or “Unknown devices”.

I think I will try a different laptop. Open the device manager and plug in or unplug one of the Midjman devices.