However, after some adaption time, you’ll get used to it. The workmanship seems good or at least satisfactory. The indicator lights are not visible after closing the lid. Please also look at our benchmark list of mobile processors or at our benchmark list of mobile video cards , in order to compare this notebook to other configurations. Screen on at full brightness view large image. Firstly, the screen assembly has more flex in it than one would hope for.

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Therefore, it is an advantage regarding this matter that the laptop producers decided to discard this format.

Toshiba Satellite L100-194

A slightly above-average battery runtime, ensures that you can work unplugged with the Satellite L for a considerable period of time. So, the layout reflects the limited space. Otherwise the screen is pleasingly bright for a matte screen, almost being too harsh on the eyes in a dim environment. Budget CPUs are toshiba satellite l100 the under-performing items they once were.

The base unit is flawless. The screen hinges are sturdy and the screen returns back to place quickly when pushed with little wobble. Nevertheless, typing is quite comfortable. An external or PCMCIA sound toshiba satellite l100 would really be required for toshiba satellite l100 music and sound-related tasks on this laptop.

The only concern here is lack of desktop space, as the picture remains sharp with good bright colours and excellent contrast. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Screen on at full brightness view large image. Toshiba Satellite Pro L view large image. With a black value of 1.


The maximum brightness amounted to Satellite L’s toshiba satellite l100 is peculiar to all Toshibas of this class which is now being replaced by the new generation, tosshiba. But, while charging the battery you’ll have to monitor them from time to time.

Here, another problem of the older display goshiba gets apparent – it is narrower, so there is less space to locate interfaces at less troublesome places. The workmanship seems good or at least satisfactory. However, if you configure your toshiba satellite l100 for maximum performance, only about one and an half hour battery runtime is possible.

Toshiba Satellite L100-113

Firstly, the screen assembly has more flex in it than one would hope for. War Rock is playable at maximum settings but toshiba satellite l100 slightly higher frames per second at medium settings.

Most older Toshiba notebooks have diminutive touch pads. Toshiba satellite l100 the laptop arrived I noticed a pixel at the top mid-left of the screen that shined bright green whenever the screen was moved.

After one got used toshiba satellite l100 all these notebooks with wide screen and mingles with these all the time, the exactly inch Toshiba in 4: Speakers Considering toshiha price of the computer, the speakers are alright. The locking mechanism requires that you press the already closed lid down in order to get it locked.


Review Toshiba Satellite L Notebook – Reviews

Secondly, the Toshiba toshiba satellite l100 on toshiba satellite l100 top of the lid is not fitted in its space properly and has come away at the edges before. The power switch and multimedia buttons are in a molding. It is to be mentioned that the 4: The L line is the replacement for the L20 series of notebooks sold in Europe as of now this laptop is not sold by Toshiba in North America.

The feedback is adequate and the keys’ resistance can hardly be criticized. This is not a powerful gaming card however and it shows. Toshiba satellite l100 better treat the PC Card release careful, if you do not want it to protrude just like on the picture above. This is a quite serious drawback, because after working with the power adapter for a longer time, one should disconnect the battery.

However, after some adaption time, you’ll get used to it.