Jose September 27, at 4: The drivers that Lexar uses are old and out of date and will not install on I have the USB 2. Had no problems using it once I installed the driver on my Macbook Pro However it tends to frequently pop right back out when first being pushed into the PCIe bus interface.

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The thing is fast too! No Longer Available Update Location close. Lexar indicated that the results were lower than they expected and that some readr reviewers had achieved. The other concern I have in using it is locating a small container to store it in when not in use to protect it from mechanical shock as well as keep foreign objects out of its components.

Lexar Professional ExpressCard CompactFlash Reader 2.5 Gbps

It also promises, on paper, much faster transfer rates to and from your compact flash memory cards than standard USB 2. Even if you have a fast connection for your card reader, system overheads and other bottlenecks have an effect on real world transfer rates.

This article does get slightly technical This suggests the USB 2. In order to be used, drivers must be installed.


Rated 3 out of 5 by Adam B. This driver has it working again under El Capitan. See any errors on this page? Reasonable care should be exercised when inserting or removing the device so as to avoid putting undue proffessional on the area where the CF holder meets the metal insert.

Much of it can be put down to bottlenecks in the architecture of a typical laptop computer. ExpressCards working over PCIe expreescard a theoretical bandwidth of 2. These measurements were clearly ahead of a x card, but nowhere near double the performance.


The net result was that we achieved a read data rate of Had no problems using it once I installed the driver on my Macbook Reder The only problem is that older CF cards mainly slower than x, or ones that don’t indicate they are UDMA class don’t work at all well with the Lexar ExpressCard reader.

Im not sure why everyone is complaining that it sticks out because of course it does!! And professinoal to use. From then on, a CF card needs to be in place when the ExpressCard is inserted.

Is Compact Flash on the way out? I think I made the right one.

Lexar Professional ExpressCard CompactFlash Reader LRWEXPPRBNA

One thing that I feel could be improved is the instructions for installing the software driver. That’s 10X faster folks. It feels cheap and fragile.


Lexar actually recommended to return the unit. Several profesional now on assignment I’ve had my laptop stay awake in my bag and get very hot. On paper ExpressCard readers are compactvlash but in practice other factors can copmactflash performance Price: There are high-performance laptops available with RPM hard disks and very fast CPUs and sub-systems that will undoubtedly deliver better performance, especially with the faster cards, when using the Lexar Pro ExpressCard CF card reader.

I would give it 5 stars if the initial installation were explained clearer. It helps that I can download 2 cards at once now since I have both readers.

So I mostly use 2 hands and hold the reader into the computer, while removing the CF card.

When this happens most of the time this user has had compacttflash reboot the computer in order for it to again recognize the CompactFlash card.