I may get in touch with some faster HDD’s like the velociraptors in weeks – I will test if the cards will bottleneck then. You might also want to read these other posts If you do not have an eSATA capable drive enclosure yet, they cost about 40 bucks. Hotplugging definitely isn’t working, even after updates to the latest drivers from jMicron. Share This Page Tweet.

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Kind of annoying, eaata when everything was properly recognized, the drive worked perfectly and jmicroj. These compatible drives include, but are not limited to: HistidineOct 8,in forum: The performance of the card was good.

Now I wish I had waited mine has two eSata ports and protrudes out of the laptop. This solved the problem. Grant B Gibson Aug 30, I like Amazon and buy tons from them, but you’re free to buy whatever and wherever you want.

Both cards work quite nicely on my Z. See Technical Specifications Tab for footnotes. I just crimped the piece of metal with pliers tighter to the connector and it worked. BongripperAug 27,in forum: You can download them from the Delock website or directly from Silicon Image. Buyer complaints suggest it is not well-supported by Windows 7 or Vista.


2 port SATA II ExpressCard RAID Host Card – JMicron JMB | SATA2-EC

Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades. A great improvement – The Pro Card must be even better jmiicron this one has worked great for us to use an external drive as a Photoshop scratch disc and to work directly from the external on large projects. Even then, hot plug of the drive to the eSATA port randomly did not work either, so another sleep mode and wakeup was needed.

FIS-based port multiplier-aware, and works with enclosures with hardware RAID controllers—supports up to 10 disk drives 5 per port 1. Excellent – Low Cost Card!

The choice is less than clear: The smaller companies often mention which controller they use, while the name brands usually skip it, re-branding everything for themselves. I may get in touch with some faster HDD’s like the velociraptors in weeks – I will test if the cards will bottleneck then. Windows users have only one choice: Your name or email address: The AKE card is working well on my Win 7 x64 machine without driver installation, but is not recognized when inserting the card into the running system no hot plug.


Expresscard ESATA 2ports chipset:Jmicron JMB362

The Lesser of Two Evils. If you want to save money, you plan expfesscard have the card in the laptop all the time and the sleep mode trick does not bother you, go for the AKE. Log in or Sign up. But I don’t write this blog to make money, and am happy to link to sites and stores that don’t pay anything. However, essta hard drives with USB 2. Ultra Male Oct 16, There are a few 2-port JMB deviceshowever. For example, buying an Amazon Kindle with this link sends a few bucks my way!

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Most of those slide-in-cards do stick around 2cm out of the computer, plus additional 3cm of the eSATA cable jack.