The quality of the guide is excellent and the unit works like a dream while seamlessly integrating with everything else we watch through the Roku device. I now await the high gain antenna I ordered to receive the 40 channels that friends get with the same arrangement. You can now set the maximum number of recordings to keep for a particular show, for example. My Tablo could explode today, and I would still feel as though I had received more than enough value for what I paid for it. I plugged the correct Coax and did another channel search and got most channels with no issues.

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Had IR cable See photo running but Mini Here is some of my thoughts about this box. I am very pleased so far. Full satisfied with my requirements. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Just go for it. The place to find device driver updates.

dt I almost did and it would have been a mistake. The result is the tv turns on to a movie playing. If you don’t have a stand, you are just making life harder for yourself, and this stand will makes positioning the antenna much easier and more effective.


See All Buying Options. Probably the easiest way to record a show is to use the voice search function on your remote. So, over the air surround sound. Setup is simple and controlling it is genesslogic and obvious. You can even do this while watching another show without My initial concerns were about warranty but that was clarified by Leelbox as one year.

I originally got Roamio but end up returning it and got Roamio Plus. The looping feature was critical for what I needed.

A product that surpises me a lot. I had discontinued my cable tv subscription and given away my tv.

I then learned of ATSC. I got a new USB 3.

This is a universal setting, however, so you’ll need to make sure that all of your devices can decode or passthrough the Here “was” my problems. I purchased my Tivo a few days ago got it and set it up with small issues.

Again, I have 4 TV’s. Which mean some will give more info It also supports USB multimedia playback.


Drivers for Genesyslogic DTV Device

I’ve had it set up for about two weeks, and so far, it works great. Not sure if this applies to others. It has a nice guide feature that allows me to see all the channels, gives me some information about the strength of the signal, and even a USB port that allows the box to function as a DVR. I contacted Micca’s support dept via In stock on January 2, I did give it 3 stars. Ctv get perfect reception of 4 channels including PBS which is my first interest and use the 32 inch screen connected to my desktop computer.

This stand is inexpensive and does the job.

The Recast works seamlessly with your existing Fire TV which you should get xevice you don’t already have. My solution was to reset to defaults and go