It would be unaffected by all of those other things. And for Super Ecran, this fiscal year it’s , Chairman, I think one other area where you might want to look for empirical evidence is through the migration proceeding. Unless those fees were regulated up there is zero chance that we would be able to increase the fees that we are paid by our affiliates. But that is how I came to those estimates. The Americans are 50 per cent more likely to go to a movie theatre than Canadians.

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But this period, I guess, tapers down even further over a shorter period. He said, oh, I just modify my PlayStation.

Following that, we will briefly review the deficiencies xmi each of the four individual applications, deficiencies which we believe are sufficient grounds for denial of each of them. Here, there is one here. Let us examine that for a minute and I will be asking Mr. If you increase one, something has to give somewhere else.

A monopsony on the buying side. A l’ordre, s’il vous plait. Perish the thought that I am a journalist. They will be complex and difficult to establish and to administer. Frankly, I don’t see how you expand the market by doing that. Certainly part of my argument is that there is a monopoly on the buying side.


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We’ll break for lunch now and resume at cmk Your presentation is clear, as was your written intervention, and we have covered a lot of the ground.

So, you know what? They don’t really care too much c,i it comes from, though I never had the experience myself and I doubt other in this room have it, where they sit down at night and say, you know, honey, let’s watch a Canadian film. I will add a couple of comments about our current activity first and then ausio that question directly. Spotlight responded to that in their reply and I have to say that at this point, unless you can provide more material, I think that the figure that I am comfortable with is that 50 per cent penetration figure from the U.

Would you know what?

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The greediness of the American studios, and frankly some Canadian suppliers of movies, where they were getting hundreds and hundreds of thousands per movie that hadn’t been seen in five years because of the competitor factor. There were no interventions from individual consumers supporting new licensing, but there were some against. And perhaps a little history is good for all of us.

I think it goes to the question of the remaining analogue subscribers, how hotly interested are they in getting into movie services. It runs its original programming, some first run and the rest is library studio product. I guess your are both putting an uplift in and you are taking down the revenue per subscriber per month figure. And I guess I would like to ask you other questions about those.


We expect that downward movement to begin in year one and to continue throughout the licence term. I think there is one flaw in that logic in that I am not assuming it is the same audience.

I take your point about the digital growth in that period but if you look at the cable digital growth, this year’s figures for penetration for the major cable companies show that digital penetration is down around 30 per cent, plus or minus depending on the system.

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Well, could you provide us with the backup that you have for that? Nobody sits ausio the office and says, well, that is good enough for today, let’s go home. Riley will be unhappy too because it will be irrelevant, so we’ll leave that aside. What would we get in exchange?

It is as if you took every second page out of a magazine. So where is the gap?