Bosch is the world’s largest manufacturer of injectors, supplying some 70 automakers worldwide with its systems. A relatively smaller engine displacement is sufficient to release the same amount of energy as a larger comparable engine without downsizing. This provides for higher engine compression and, in turn, increased efficiency, which helps reduce fuel consumption and increase torque. The proportion of vehicles with gasoline direct injection is set to increase further in future. High-pressure pump High pressure for optimum mixture preparation. Fuel injection Engines with gasoline direct injection produce the air-fuel mixture directly in the combustion chamber. Bosch has developed four individual approaches to improving gasoline port-fuel injection.

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Bosch is exhibiting its highlights at booth A04 in hall 8. High-pressure sensor for gasoline and CNG systems Precise media pressure measurement for gasoline direct injection, natural gas and hydraulic systems.

Exhaust-gas treatment Exhaust-gas treatment supports the manufacturers in meeting international emissions standards, e. Please check portlet preferences boech make sure portlet is configured properly. In gasoline port-fuel injection, the air-fuel mix is created outside the combustion chamber, in the injection manifold.

I have taken note of the privacy statement. It employs roughlyassociates worldwide as of December 31, Some of them also feature in price-sensitive vehicle segments and markets, and even in personal water craft. Open valve injection thus makes a higher rate of compression possible. It is expected that the number of vehicles with compressed natural gas CNG powertrain systems will continue to rise in the years to come. But cleaning injecgor and high-pressure injectors can cause: Explore more Mobility Solutions.


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With the below, you can enable or disable different types of cookies: In markets such as Brazil, China, and the Asean countries, port-fuel injection is still on the rise, as vehicle numbers show.

In this particular case, this leads to advantages in terms of fuel consumption and emissions — both under partial and full load. Many injector testers have a cleaning function, which can eliminate some deposits.

Twin injection also helps to reduce the amount of fluid deposited as a unjector on the intake manifold walls.

Dgi which cookies you want to allow. Motronic control unit for CNG systems The electronic engine control unit is the central control unit and the heart of the engine management. The Mobility Solutions business sector pursues a vision of mobility that is accident-free. Bosch launched this technology ininitially for the two-stroke engine of the compact Gutbrod Superior car.

Please contact gid system administrator if the error persists. When combined with downsizing and turbocharging, scavenging can bring about a fuel saving of some 10 percent. Together with automakers, Bosch works on developing new concepts for engines with gasoline direct injection.


InBosch inhector gasoline direct injection and has been the technology’s trailblazer ever since. Advanced port fuel injection: This cools the combustion chamber, making basic compression higher and reducing propensity to knock.

Gasoline injection systems

This means the turbocharger can respond earlier, as there is a sufficient flow of exhaust gas. In this way, the often-cited turbo lag can be avoided. Twin injection means that the fuel is atomized even more finely.

Fuel injectors are an essential engine component.

GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) | Bosch Auto Parts

Using this system, therefore, drivers can reduce fuel costs while experiencing greater driving enjoyment at the same time. Medium-pressure and temperature sensor Natural gas compressed natural gas — CNG stored under high pressure is supplied by way of the pressure regulator in the fuel rail. We will attempt to find it”,”category.

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