The Transformer Book ‘s array is very slimmed down in comparison, and most ports are only micro-sized. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. The display’s back has to be dented with quite high pressure to produce image distortions on the front. Touchpad The sleek ClickPad does not have mechanically dedicated mouse keys, and can only be pressed as a whole. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

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However, the subjective impression is not quite that bad when coincidentally looking at asus f102ba screen from the ideal angle.

Asus F102BA: last netbook

Extremely sluggish operating speed browsing, opening programs. CPU Single 64Bit sort by value.

The keys do not have a long drop. Asus designed the layout of the unlit keyboard as closely as possible to the standard. The main f12ba is on the side so that the cooling is not impaired asus f102ba using the netbook on asus f102ba lap. The touchpad is sleek and too small.

Review Asus FBA-DFH Netbook – Reviews

However, Asus isn’t giving up, and launches a new model featuring an extremely economic AMD F102bx and touchscreen that includes the typical advantages and disadvantages of this device category based on the operating concept of Windows 8. Both alternatives are much superior to the FBA also regarding performance. So, details asus f102ba letters are bigger. The review sample unfortunately still drained 0.


Models of the XBA series are also available in white, black, and red. Battery Runtime WiFi Surfing. Although the design is sleek, rounded corners and good joints, the plastic materials used are cheap f102bs definitely show some structural weakness. The weather conditions did not allow testing in direct sunlight, but experience has shown that even matte, and much asus f102ba screens are no longer legible.

All this is housed in a chassis certainly light and thin, as it was appropriate: The included Microsoft Asus f102ba license suggests that Asus’ netbook should mainly be used as a typewriter. Considering that both front-positioned, downward speakers only look like two small slits, their audio asus f102ba is still tolerable, fairly balanced when placed on a solid surface and maximum volumes are not used. Please, switch off ad blockers.

Asus FBA-DFH – External Reviews

The review netbook’s weight of 1. Please, switch off ad blockers.

The netbook does an acceptable job as a portable asus f102ba, and for other, most basic tasks. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

A long shot of the back. The illumination is satisfactory. The black level is extremely asus f102ba with not less than 0. Our test unit incorporated 2 GB of RAM, which nowadays are really the minimum wage; in fact, proved to be just enough asux normal use, they t102ba asus f102ba fill up very quickly and create bottlenecks.


Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. Rendering Single 32Bit sort by value. As for performance, things get a bit uncomfortable here. Every activity that went beyond using undemanding, and particularly opened programs, pushed the netbook asus f102ba its performance limits. The usual losses in contrast with a milky image impression f10b2a when looking down on the screen.

The only spot that got warmer than body temperature was on the underside, and can be seen in the screenshot below asus f102ba. Acer Aspire One C7Xkk.

The clock is nailed to 1 GHz during load. The differences to the Medion can again be neglected; however, our Transformer Asus f102ba clearly takes the lead in the comparison with the three devices.